3rd attempt at graphite portrait

1 month ago I had zero experience with drawing portraits. I couldn’t even draw a realistic looking eye. This is my third attempt at drawing a proper portrait, and have been practicing this type of thing for about a month. If you check on the previous “post” on the forum, that was my first attempt which as stated was approximately 1 month ago. So it would be good to get some feedback on wether or not I have improved or not as I don’t have contact with any other artists. And on a “final” note… Yes I am well aware of the fact that I made an error with the right eye (our view) that eye is out of place, and has slightly distorted the facial ratio. As long as I am aware of these errors I can avoid them next time :eye: I am a complete beginner with portrait drawings, literally. So just keep that in mind.

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I commented on the range of values in your previous portrait, and this one shows a lot of growth in that respect. Along the same lines, (no pun intended) you have rendered very realistic textures in the hair and clothing. The portrait is convincing, and the wrongness you mention does not stand out because I didn’t see the photo reference. Also, many people have unusual eye characteristics so I wouldn’t have known. I wondered about a background, but realized that I like the starkness and honesty of the composition so don’t know if it would add anything.

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Thank you, I really do appreciate your comment. And with this portrait I kept your previous suggestion in mind throughout :clinking_glasses:


You’ve done a beautiful job on the eye on the left. Take a look at yourself in a mirror and notice that there is a bridge shadow on both sides of the nose down to the nostril and that part of the cheek that hangs under it. You’ve done a great job so far. Just follow that ‘shadowing’ (like in the mirror). I think the eyebrow on the right is getting there. Just concentrate on the eye socket. The eyebrow on the right side is where you could start from, I think if you make take some of my suggestions what you need to start from and down to the nostril. Post the 4th try. I think you could make the corrections to this drawing. You don’t have to do another drawing. Is this succinct enough for you?

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It was a black and white photo with strong contrast. So their was virtually no value on the right side of the face (hence why their is no shading) to reply to your critique. And I thank you for your suggestions anyway.

Friends? Yeah, we can be friends and pick daffodils and dandelion’s :blossom: together and dance and prance around in the fields.