Blue Crab (oil)

I finished this oil painting yesterday and I’m quite happy with it. Blue Crabs have so much color (not just blue) and I was worried it was going to be too busy, but nature has a way of harmonizing.


I love this. It is great.

This is wonderful, I love the colors!

Beautiful work Jody, or is it Clancy?

Clancy is my maiden name and I had sold several paintings years ago in Miami so I have decided to keep it as my painting name. Sorry for confusion.

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He is quite an impressive fellow–love it!

This is really such a lovely painting Clancy. Beautiful colors just as these crabs are. Well done!

So nice!! I just love the multi colors!

Very nice! It almost looks like needle point stitching. I like it a lot.

Love the values and colors.

My name is Jody, but my maiden is Clancy which is what I sign on my paintings. Thank you for such nice comments.

I hope that I will someday soon be able to do something like this. It is beautiful.


I sign my pictures “Lenora” - my ‘given name’.

That’s awesome! So much detail and wonderful colors.