Doris the hen in Inktense pencil

Painted Doris for a friend from her photograph using watercolour pencils ( Inktense), before joining here. Feel it is too muddy.


Hello! I like Doris. Would you know what kind of hen she is? If she is one of those dark grey hens - your addition of the purplish blue is quite realistic. I don`t find it muddy. Perhaps intensifying the darker greys in the shadowed areas would round out the body and make the rest of the colours pop. You could try softening the heavy outline (top of the head to the back.) Great job! Keep having fun with it.

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I think she is an Australorp , but I have no detailed knowledge of hens!
She does have a purplish blue as well as a greenish hue on her back.
So I tried to incorporate these hues using metallic pencils.
Thank you for your helpful suggestions. The painting was collected and was to be framed and presented to the husband for Christmas (so no editing😅)

Muddy? The colors leapt off the page and slapped me! I hope one day to be able to paint “mud” like this! Resolved: I’m going to try Inktense.

Thank you for your encouragement :rofl:

What a great piece of art. Those tiny details are just awesome.

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