Gulf Art - feedback on getting looser

Hi I just painted this little picture of an RV in the gulf at sunset. I’ve been working on getting looser with watercolor but not sure its in my DNA. When I look at it I want to make the RV crisper and more finely crafted. But really what I want to do it make it less so but not sure how to go about that. Any ideas? thanks David


I wouldn’t make the RV crisper. It may take away from the sky. Could tone down the orange a bit in the RV. Otherwise it is wonderful. Love it.

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I agree with Denise, and even if you left the RV as is it is a beautiful painting.

I have the same issue with painting to detailed. I appreciate that Matt always says to stick to your style, though it is good for us detail oriented people to try to loosen up. You have inspired me to keep trying!

Thank you for sharing your artwork.


Thanks for the feedback—I did like this because of all the colors but didn’t notice the camper till you mentioned it. I never had the chance to fix that because I gave it to the folks that owned the camper RV.