Introducing Felix the cat

This is Felix and he was created using soft pastels and pastel pencils on pastel mat paper.


Felix looks a lot like my Maine Coon. I absolutely love the way you did the fur and the whiskers are perfect. Did you use pastel for the whiskers? They seem to stand out so well. Great job!

Thank you for the great support. Yes, Felix is my girlfriend’s Maine Coon. I used Derwent Chinese white pencil to do the whiskers.

I love Maine Coon Cats. We knew a family in Florida who had 3 big ones. They were quite standoffish around us.


I have met several Maine Coon Cats and I would have to agree that they are standoffish. Felix is very much a lap cat for his owner but would not even let me pet him. I worked from the owner’s photos which can sometimes be a problem. Having good reference pictures can be so critical.