Metal is tough to draw

As well as drawing, I love close up magic, card tricks and have performed close up magic for weddings and parties. This is a drawing of one of my favourite close up magic tricks :grinning::heart: metal is so hard to draw

#sketchaday 25/30


Looks quite nice! Lots more ambitious than I am going for mirrored subjects. I tend to set things further apart and at a bit of distance so when I move to draw then look back up I don’t end up with a misalignment from perspective change.

I suppose I cheat and use a photo for anything bigger than coffee mug size. I have a similar framing problem with outdoor sketches, so I use one of the “credit card grids” I can repeat to frame what I was looking at with a couple anchor points for diagonal corners and can get back to same view. Card is too large of window for nearby or small objects though.