Hi there :sun_with_face:
I am a newbie here - I’ve only been a member a couple of weeks, but I am very fond of this online learning environment. First of all, because of the comprehensive selection of courses, secondly, because the curriculum design is excellent with a logic and well-adapted progression, so everyone can attend. It is quite apparent Matt is a former highschool teacher and indeed an experienced artist.

I have finished three courses and done most of the drawing exercises, and I am very pleased to discover how fast my drawing skills are improving.

I also think it is a splendid idea to add this new community to the site. This enables attendants to make new friends and network, as well as learning from one another.

Finally, just a few words about me: I am Danish :denmark:, from Copenhagen, a former highschool teacher and later on an it-project manager, until I contracted a neuro-immune disease from an influenza vaccination.

I used to draw and paint a lot as a child and teenager, but gave it up, when I began studying, working, starting a family etc. Recently I’ve started drawing and painting again, and I really enjoy it a lot. So I am looking forward to learning more and find out how far these courses can take me. So thanks a lot, Matt, for creating this excellent site :+1::blush::sun_with_face:.

PS. The painting on my background wall depicting two ladies walking along the beach, is created by a famous Danish artist, Michael Ancher (1849-1927). This painting is one of my favorites.