How to draw an animated Dog

How do I draw a walking dog? I would welcome any information pointing to a video I could watch.
Thank you.

If you can get a reference photo, you can draw it. With cell phones, it’s pretty easy to grab lots and lots of photos, to get the one that will work. You might need a friend to help.

Terri Robichon

With an animated subject like a walking dog, photos may be blurred. It may be best to take a high resolution video, then go back through and freeze at the point you get that perfect frame shot and screen shot that photo. This way the subject (dog) is in a real position to capture the best anatomy position for reference and not have to create a position that is not natural.


Thank you for your comment, unfortunately, the dogs I need to capture are from a photograph. I will try and seek a video to replicate the movement.
Many thanks,

Hello @bosley123 that makes your question a little more clear. So you have a photo of a dog in some generic position, that you want to replicate that certain dog’s characteristics shown in a walking postion, if I understand you correctly. If that is the case, I would still study video and or other photos of similar tpyes of dogs in the final position similar to what you have in mind for your composition. I would suggest studying the general forms, shapes and shade/shadows relative to the position in the photos or video captures. If you are able to study what is generating those apparent forms, and can replicate those shapes and forms first as an underlying drawing by at least establishing value areas of light and dark (even lightly at first) then use that to give the appearance of form. You can then add the detail and physical charastics that make the dog in your created walking position start to look like the characteristics of the dog in the photo.

If you have ever drawn portraits by starting out using the Loomis head method to get the basic general proportions correct, it is then refined to bring in the referenced characteristics. The same methodology would similarly apply to generating the dog. Get the shapes and forms down and refine to details. German Shepherd dogs are built differently than Bulldogs. But the general anatomy of each breed is relatively similar throughout the breed. Fur color and physical features will differ between each dog in the breed. Capturing these will represent your particular subject. Therefore. I would try to find examples of dogs similar to the one you are drawing to use as reference for form and shape. Hope this helps.


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