Lennon The Boxer Dog

Here is a coloured pencil drawing I have just done for a friend who lost her beloved Boxer Dog.

I am still learning so not perfect and did it as a practice piece, but I feel I captured him and my friend loves it. It has been a great learning curve.


This is great. I love it.

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Cute dog,l and capturing her expressive eyes are what makes this ‘human parent’ just fall in love with the dog. Our JRT/Rat Terrier is so ‘ugly’ she is cute. She is so expressive in her attempts to get our attention and we laugh at her all the time. I am sure your friend will love your picture of her ‘late’ fur baby. Thanks for sharing.



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Very nice drawing of a beautiful dog!

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Wonderful eyes…would melt anyone’s heart. Good job :slightly_smiling_face:

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