My Sonic the Hedgehog Art

Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art I’ve done! :hedgehog: Feedback is welcome and appreciated! :grin: Hope you like it! Jesus loves you!!!

This was art for John 3:16 day!

A spring themed piece. The character is wearing an unused alternate concept outfit!

This was done on paper with colored pencils and pen for Valentine’s Day!

These two go together. The characters are wearing outfits of characters not from Sonic!

I have more, if you guys like it, just let me know, and I can add it to the thread!


Very true and well done.

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Thank you so much, Ms. Denise! I can’t express how much your feedback means to me! :smile:

Your art is so cute and brings a lot of joy to me. Maybe some will get a message that speaks to them. Love to see more!

Lenora -

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Thank you @lilnora! That’s means the world to me! I hope to touch the lives of many with my artwork by telling them about Jesus, and I’m happy it made you happy! :grin:

A quick comic I did digitally. When Eggman complains, Sonic coolly replies with a very important phrase, “Jesus loves you!!!”

Another short comic I did with Tails and Kit!

This one was done on paper. Preliminary sketch was with pencil, colored with acrylic paint, and finally, outlined with Sharpie! Well, actually, there was also the use of ballpoint pen for the lettering, and pencils for the eyes.

A 30-min-ish warm-up I did based on a panel in the Sonic comics.

CUTE!!! Words were a little hard to read, but I got the ‘gist’ about the message from their posture. :grin::grin::grin::innocent::innocent::innocent:


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Thank you again @lilnora! Lettering in itself is an art, and I’m learning more about it, so hopefully it will look better over time. :sweat_smile:

I know you can do it!!! :innocent:

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