Recent Pen & Ink Drawings


Hi Emily - WOW!!! These are wonderful, and yup I can see your interest in birds shine thru. The last drawing is really incredible. You have a lot of control over the pen and the details are so realistic. Thanks so much for sharing.

You should send that to Matt for the Members Minute.

Terri Robichon

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Wonderful artworks. Is this your favorite medium?

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Hi Patricia,

I have been drawing for about one year. I haven’t branched out beyond sketching l, pen and ink and the occasional colored pencil drawing. Painting seems intimidating to me. But, yes! I love pen and ink!

Hi Terri,

Thanks for your encouraging remarks.

I became interested in birds last year, when someone abandoned a sick chicken at a bus stop near my apartment in Miami. My husband and I nursed the sick chicken back to health on our balcony and she now lives on a local organic farm. LOL. I became fascinated with birds.

I recently bought a book on bird anatomy for artists.

This is such a lovely community to be able to share art!

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Wow! These are great. Love them.

Your drawings are beautiful! Pen and ink are surely your thing, but I hope you try more mediums and share them with us too. Keep them coming!


Hi Emily -

I love this story of your interest in birds. Thanks for sharing it. So, I got hooked on bird identification books, having 6 of them now.

Terri Robichon

Hello @Emily , great pen and ink work. I love the birds. I have taken a liking to drawing birds as well. All similiar in structure but vastly different in finished texture, pattern and value (color).

Love your work, thanks for sharing. Cant wait to see more.