Robin Redbreast x 2 = 4

Finally finished off my other two Robins to make a set of four. With thanks to Bill Jones free ref. Photos to enable me to make these pastel pencil drawings. Drawn onto light grey A5 size pastelmat. Photo taken with my mobile making them a little too orange/red in colour. Deb


Wow! So beautiful. Good job, Deb. :nerd_face:

Thankyou for your lovely comment.

So pretty @08132559 ! Even though the Robin is the main focus, the landscape also came out VERY well! (and I like the out-of-focus background too :grin: )

Superb birds! Love the backgrounds as well. Thanks for sharing this with us.


Thankyou, I’ve been trying to get my backgrounds better as this has been my weak point. Deb

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Thankyou Patricia, my backgrounds have needed improvement. Deb

This is fabulous!. Fantastic job.

Thankyou so much. Deb

Wow, these look really great. Nice job!

Absolutely stunning! Ii thought they were photos. Beautiful work!

Thankyou so much. Deb

Thankyou, that’s what I aim for, realism. Deb

These are absolutely amazing!! I can only aspire to what you have done here. Thank you for sharing these. Mary

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Many thanks for your comment. We all started somewhere with our art. Mine was about 10 years ago with graphite pencils, gradually into pastel pencils for colour.

so much to look at here. interesting ground cover, love the little white fluf of feather and the background. And 2 works of the same subject ,nice.
Really enjoy spending some time looking at this pair And thanks for mentioning the materials used. Did you use a fixatif on the pastel ,I enjoy doing pencil work but rarely use pastel although I love the colors.

Thankyou Tom. The ground cover is moss which grows in damp areas in the UK. For example, on wooden posts, fences, shaded areas, lawns. There’s another two robins some where on this site drawn by me using the same materials. No, I don’t use a fixative after having a bad experience ending up ruining a picture. Deb

These are amazing! I have attempted working with pastels but struggled to get results I was happy with. How long did these take? Maybe I need to be more patient.

Thankyou Ken. I use pastel pencils as I couldn’t get the details I wanted with the large sticks, plus there’s less mess and dust. I’m not the fastest of drawers so, time value a couple of weeks drawing for a few hours at a time. Deb