Stippling with colored inks

I have been working on some Stippling projects. The first one of the Blue Bicycle I have been working on over a year. It started as a graphite drawing of the Bicycle and after some wonderful suggestions I came up with this piece of artwork.

It is on 9 x 12 Rembrandt Multi-media paper using Dale-Rowney acrylic inks and Micron pens. Some of the Stippling I did with toothpicks.

I used three different references and took bits and pieces from each of them. Also did thumb nails and then a couple of trial runs (I know there is a term for this stage but has slipped my mind - if you know let me know!!) Finally, I came up with this.

I did an ink wash in the background and then stippling over all of the positive space. I guess in this particular piece that the mortar between the bricks is the negative space.

As always critiques are welcome.

Blue Bicycle by wall

The three pieces of birds are 5" x 7" I just trying some techniques out using Micron pens and Faber-Castell Indian Ink pens.


The last one is a combination of stippling and hatching/brush work with the FC brush nib pens.

Thanks for taking a look!



Thank you for sharing your new works, Teri. They are really amazing.
I think you’re gifted for illustration.
The birds pieces are fabulous. The textures you’ve created in these works remind me of exquisite embroidery works.
Excellent! :tada: :cat: :wine_glass:

These are fantastic! Love them.

Hello Maki,

Thank you so much. I never thought about it but I do both needle work and ribbon embroidery. Maybe these skills (not at all advanced) have helped to define my style of artwork.

Again, thank you for your comments.


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Thank you, Denise. You have been an encouragement to me since I joined the Virtual Instructor.


Such fine detail and skill in your art work. Thank you for sharing the stippling technique with ink. Awesome!


I LOVE these! You shall have go give me tips. Since you used more then one color - is it pointillism? Your detail is amazing. Such a talented artist

Ahhh…Thank you June. I will have to learn what I am doing!!! Your opinion means the world to me as you well know.


Thank you, Marty.

I finding that stippling or as I just learned pointillism (spelling??) is relaxing. I really enjoy using the 005- and 003-point pens. It may take more time but is worth it. I hope you try it!


Wow! So beautiful. Stippling is so labor intensive. You do an admirable job with it.

I adore stippling and am absolutely loving the brickwork! This is an amazing effect and worth all the time and effort you have put into it. Beautiful work!

Thank you so much a.scarf.and.tea,

I find stippling so relaxive and the piece you mentioned was so fun to do.


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Thank you for your kind words. I really enjoy stippling and with fine point pens. Working up to trying with a nib pen, but that may be down the road a ways.


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Hi Teri -
I don’t know how I missed this earlier. I’ve never done any stippling, and all of these blow me away. Love the style and hope you do more of these. Beautiful work.

Terri Robichon

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Thank you Terri,

I really enjoy stippling. It is really relaxing, and colored inks are becoming my favorite. I also posted one of a fish as well as a nighttime harbor, but you may have seen that one as it was just painted.

Here is the nighttime harbor in colored inks:

Nighttime harbor in colored inks on black paper - The Artist’s Community by The Virtual Instructor

Here is the link to the fish:

Colored ink in stippling of a tropical fish - The Artist’s Community by The Virtual Instructor

I do plan on continuing with the stippling. When I can’t sleep at night I work on these projects because if I lay down and I am not tired enough I just feel worse. It is a great therapy for me. I am doing one of some flowers at this time. My colors are limited so at times it is a challenge until I get a few more colors.


Hi Teri - so glad you gave me the links because I had not seen either. Of course I like them both, but that FISH - Oh MY!!! That one is wonderful.

Terri Robichon

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Thank you. That means so much coming from a fine artist like yourself.


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