Stippling illustrations

Hi everyone.
Back in the days I did a lot of stippling. Recently I found an unfinished drawing of mine and I decided to finish it, almost two years later. I stopped doing stippling because it’s quite a slow process and although I like the look of it, I wanted to learn other techniques and mediums. But I couldn’t just leave the drawing behind, unfinished. So this is the endresult, stippled with a 003 fineliner, shadow made with a graphite pencil.
It’s a maple seed and I framed the drawing in a nice black frame. I made a video about this drawing. (don’t know if you can see it yet, it’s planned for sunday)

If you are into stippling, feel free to post yours here.


Looking forward to the video, because this is a technique I want to look into (even though I’m a beginner in pen and ink)

Your drawing looks amazing!

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This is great. I love it.

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Just absolutely beautiful! :blue_heart:

Hello @Appelmoes , that is a very nice stippled drawing of a maple seed. It does take time.

You requested some stipple drawings, so I am including a couple that I did about 3 years ago. The hand was the focus, but stuck the Yetti cup in as an afterthought so it was not properly planned for scale and proportion. In the car drawing again should not have included as much background (and that part was more sketchy than stippled). Note: things would probably be different today after being in this course for a few months. These were done with graphite. Enjoy.


The video is up! Well, this is not a hard technique for beginners. Just give it a try.

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That’s very nice! It’s a bigger drawing than I ever want to attempt. Great work.

Hi Appelmoes - I just watched the YouTube video and I really enjoyed it. Beautiful work. I’ve not done any stippling myself so unfortunately, I have nothing to share here. Thanks to Lenetg137 for adding some of your work.

Terri Robichon

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Thanks for the encouragement, I will definitely try it! I love your drawing, so much patience and detail!

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Thanks! Well, you can always try it some day.

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I have not seen the video yet but your maple seed drawing is lovely.

I really enjoy stippling, but in color. I suppose this is pointillism, but the same technique as stippling. Here is one of my projects in colored ink.

Thanks for sharing your drawing and experience, I will say that I a very much a beginner.



Oh Teri that is lovely, that’s absolutely beautiful! :heart_eyes:

Met vriendelijke groet,
Anne Wijkamp


Thank you so much.

I look forward to seeing some more of your artwork soon.