25 days to better drawing - my day one

Decided to do the 25 days to better drawing, I used the reference photo for day one. We’re supposed to work one hour. This is what I was able to do.


That course is also where I started. And then I was hooked! Good job on the paint tube! Enjoy every lesson to its fullest.


This is very well done. Love it.

This course hooked me. I’ve learned so much from colored pencils to something I would never touch Pastels. The Virtual Instructor offers such a variety to learn.

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WOW - that’s a lot for just an hour. Love it.

Terri Robichon

Great work for a hour! I started but didn’t finish that course - I should go do that…

Oh, wow, you even got the crinkles/creases with the tube design on there! Awesome job! :clap: :smile:

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