Help needed! Where do I start?

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well?

I am coming into land with my own Sketch a day and wanting to advance and get better, but not sure where to start on the courses as there is so many. Which one should I start with?

  1. 25 days to better drawing course or
  2. The Secrets to Drawing course or
  3. Pencil Drawing - The Guide to Graphite course

Or do people just recommend mixing it up and jumping into different courses?

I have a good grasp of drawing, but want to refine it and get some good foundations… like this onion could be better but isn’t too bad. In the last 30 days I have learnt so much, so I want to really use the next 30 days to grow more.

Recommendations and help for direction would be amazing


I have jumped around a bit with those courses as I have had some art lessons in the past. Then I did the pen and ink course and colored pencil.

I think the 25 days course is the best to start, althrough the skull drawing there is a bit challenging. But you will get it, go on with fun. You can still change the course when it’s not what you want.

Very well done. Love it.

I myself started using this site too and to be honest, yeah there are many courses and live lessons to choose from, but personally simply start with the ones you find interesting.

I like to use Colored pencils so I started with a 8 hour live session of a bee.
If you like to use graphite, look around and start playing the videos. I don’t think that there is one specific video which can help you directly, because in each video you will learn things you might haven‘t seen or heard of yet.

It’s definitely worth it checking them all out Video after video to get the best information and also to have the time learning and trying them out while watching the videos

If you’ve done a sketch a day, might look into the Subjects in Pen and Ink which is a popular course with 31 subjects of varying difficulty. Can be done with just tech liner pens ($12 Staedtler pen set) though some use dip pen and India ink (which I prefer) you can get by without the dip pen.

If you’re really into pencil drawing, the two courses on graphite and photorealistic pencil might be of interest. Just pick one and work through it then find others. They’re all chock full of tips and suggestions. The biggest thing is focused practice, draw something from real life or a photo so you can compare what you drew to the reference and critique yourself for what you could have done better. Don’t throw away or erase things that didn’t turn out as good as you hoped, keep them so you can see your improvement. I laugh at some I thought were pretty good prior to heavy practice and swallowing pride I realize I’m not that good at drawing and that’s what I’m here for - to get better. Practice is the biggest aspect of that and any course will give you some practice.