Help needed! Where do I start?

Hi everyone, hope you are doing well?

I am coming into land with my own Sketch a day and wanting to advance and get better, but not sure where to start on the courses as there is so many. Which one should I start with?

  1. 25 days to better drawing course or
  2. The Secrets to Drawing course or
  3. Pencil Drawing - The Guide to Graphite course

Or do people just recommend mixing it up and jumping into different courses?

I have a good grasp of drawing, but want to refine it and get some good foundations… like this onion could be better but isn’t too bad. In the last 30 days I have learnt so much, so I want to really use the next 30 days to grow more.

Recommendations and help for direction would be amazing


I have jumped around a bit with those courses as I have had some art lessons in the past. Then I did the pen and ink course and colored pencil.

I think the 25 days course is the best to start, althrough the skull drawing there is a bit challenging. But you will get it, go on with fun. You can still change the course when it’s not what you want.

Very well done. Love it.