Total newbie in Secrets Course

I have not drawn in decades and am 60 years old. Here are my first attempts at following along. The tones on my pyramid are too dark, my edges could probably be sharper, and my egg shading is a little abrupt. But hopefully I will learn! I did play with a blending stump on the upper shapes. Maybe I am rushing a little. I will try to slow down in the future.


Nice! Awesome how you included the indicator tags for each area, and you have incremented the values so that there is a transition and correct shade feeling, well done! :smile: :clap:

For your first attempt. This is great. Do not give up. Practice and keep on learning I found are the keys to going forward. I have not painted in years. I am 69 and finally getting back into it You will be surprised how much comes back to you the more you do it.

Never to old to try something new! These are a great start and you will be amazed how quickly you can progress if you keep practicing

Great job! Yes, definately take your time and enjoy the process!:blush::blush:

Looking good. From the looks of your handwriting and arrows, I think you’d love the Pen and Ink course. Everybody loves the pen and ink course, but it’s good for getting shapes right and being able to make acceptable drawings when just starting out. The 25 days to better drawing is always suggested as well. I think you did great on that exercise, better than my first attempts looked, especially with the labels.

My current plan is to finish the Secrets course, then work through the 25 Days course. After that, I have made a list so I might come back and ask which is appropriate at that point. I definitely want to do the Colored Pencil course and the Graphite course, but only when I have the appropriate skill/knowledge base.

I’m finding the graphite course extremely challenging. I’d mark it closer to intermediate than beginner level. Knowing how to find and repeat shapes is sort of implied/glossed over in the graphite course where it puts more on how to make lines/tones assuming you can see the shapes and just put them down without much “hand holding” hints to speak of, and starts out with organic subjects and only goes harder. That’s just me though, been playing at this stuff since last fall is all.

For a total newbie you did a great job! I remember a year ago when I first started going through all of the graphite courses and some things looked simple but they were anything but simple.

like Matt says - practice practice practice. I have to remind myself that all the time.

Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more of your work!


Thanks for the nice words everyone. I am working on Lesson 10, Basic Drawing Techniques . . hatching. cross-hatching, stippling etc. I followed along with the first hatching exercise he shows. I slowed down, started light, erased what I didn’t like and took my time. It looks better. I am learning patience in another area of my life, and it’s going to help here also!