New beginner to drawing

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I want to learn to draw with graphite. I’m very much a beginner. I’m not sure how to proceed with the lessons. So which lessons should I begin with? Is there a certain order that will help me make the best start? thanks

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I am ONECENT and just as new as u are. I chose “25 days to better drawing” and it is a great teaching tool. I am positive some of the fine experts will be in touch with you. In the meantime. great to meet you and enjoy your lessons.

Great, thanks so much for the reply.

Welcome cmehra. I think you will enjoy this site. I began drawing, etc., after retirement. And I still feel like I am new to art - actually I am - especially when I look at some of the art displayed on this site.

Thank you. I’m having fun already,

Welcome! I would start with The Secrets to Drawing, then move to 25 Days to Better Drawings, then Pencil Drawing the Guide to Graphite. I would watch each video carefully, even twice, if necessary, and do all the assignments. It may seem boring here and there, but all the aspects are necessary to learn. It will go quickly, if you are excited and motivated. May you have great success and enjoy it immensely.

Yes, thanks for the suggestions. This is helpful. I have started Secrets to drawing yesterday and I’m working the exercises. I Love it. I don’t find any of it boring as yet. Actually I started by watching the You Can Draw webinar first. Drew a shoe and surprised myself. thanks again.

Well, you have had over a month now.
How are you doing? I know if you have stayed with it and practiced daily, you are far better than when you began.
When I started I drew flowers and they all looked like cats so don’t worry. You will get better as time goes by.
Just keep a pencil and a small book with drawing paper in it along with you and sketch when you have a chance.
Happy drawing.

Yes, thanks. I’m doing well. I cannot upload any pics of my work due to not having a smart phone. I’ve been drawing daily.

If you have any type of cell phone you can take photos. Also if your printer has a scan function, you can always scan one into the computer and post that one.
Good luck as we all begin somewhere.
When I began I only had a book, some pencils and paper and lots of time in Saudi Arabia. That was about 20 years ago.

No, I can’t take pics on my phone. And I don’t have a printer that scans. A bit low tech here.

I just finished up 25 days to better drawing as my first course, would Secrets to Drawing be a good follow up? I am a total novice except for 25 Days.
Thanks all