25 Days to Better Drawings

Hello everyone!
I am doing the 25 Days to Better Drawings Lesson 13.
Please take a look at the exercise drawing and your input is appreciated.


That is soooo good! Very realistic and detailed, the texture is awesome :clap:

Thanks for your review. Since childhood I liked drawing and painting. Life presented other priorities and now that I am retired I have started doing the courses this way.
Thanks again for taking time. I will look forward to see your postings.
Have a nice day!

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Excellent! I shared my attempt with the circular file. Waiting to see more from you.

Very nicely done. Looks like the real thing. Look forward to seeing other projects from the course.

I went through this course as well as the other courses in graphite and learned so much. Keep up the good work.


That’s so amazing, looks like a photo! :star_struck: Great values and texture! Welcome to the community @Marymaria ! Jesus loves you!!!

Great drawing Maria. Welcome to the community. Hope you keep those postings coming.

Terri Robichon