Abstract/ Realism

Hello, I am new to creating art and primarily been creating realistic drawings/paintings. I took a workshop that introduced my to design and abstract fundamentals. The attached is my first attempt at a realistic/abstract watercolor painting. I used both watercolor pencils and water color tube paint. Please provide your feedback including suggestions for improvement and what I did well. Thank you so much for your time and feedback!

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The pictures

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Hello Sara,

I am definitely not the right person to provide suggestions for improvement, but as for what I think you did well is how you managed to incorporate realistic elements (leaves and bark) while giving them an abstract feel. Love the colours! Thanks for sharing.


I do not have any suggestions for improvement. You did a great job. Love them.


Like Patricia said I am not the person to suggest anything in watercolor, but I am intrigued with what you have done. What a wonderful idea.

You have a real talent and creative way of seeing things. I personally think that you did a lovely job. I think it would work really nice with acrylics or oils too.

I do not know if you did it on purpose, but the lines of the stain glass glazes look as though they are a branch from the tree, wonderful effect.

Thanks for sharing!


This is such a beautiful piece and SO cute! :star_struck: Extremely nice choice of color for conveying the appearance of stained glass! Make sure you take good care of this piece, it’s amazing! :clap: :smile: :bear: