Afternoon sketch and watercolor


Beautiful! As usual. :star_struck: I love your watercolor application.


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Thank you so much. Really pleased how it came out :smiley:

This is great. Love it.

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Thank you Denise. Appreciate that. Really learning every sketch I do. And it seems to come in waves :blush::heart:

Another one painted :smiley:


Wow - both of these are wonderful. I love your style - very soothing and beautifully done

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Thankyou do much :heart::smiley::100:

Well done! I’m beginning to venture more into the realm of watercolor with intent to combine ink and wash. I hope to make progress soon and be able to post something simple to start with that I’ve done relatively well. :slight_smile:


Wow, that looks amazing, yours is so well-balanced and even! How do you achieve this look?

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do you mean in terms of the watercolour?

Yes, exactly. I’m new to watercolour and find it hard to control.

In all honesty I don’t really know, but I have done quite a few now and I keep experimenting. The amount of water on page, how you mix the paint etc, light wash and laying. I am still learning and don’t have any technical advice as I don’t really know, but I keep trying and learning from each painting I do. Also the nice thing with watercolour you can allow the paints to do what they want to do and that is the joy of them… my only advice is, keep painting… look at what you have created and ask ‘what do I like about this?’ ‘What would I change?’ ‘What would I do differently?’. Also I find it helpful to look at inspiration from other artists and how they have applied the watercolour and see if I can get a similar effect. Hope that helps a little :slight_smile:

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From what I see, you are much further in your journey, than I am. :wink:
I would prefer the colour to perform as intended, but I guess this wont happen… I will definitely look at other watercolour paintings and keep practicing! Thanks and happy painting!

I think from experience the less water the more control you have over the colours. So for example in my scooter drawing, the brown in the bricks on the wall, i place down a watery grey and allowed a few mins drying but while it was still wet i put in some brown and allowed the paint to do its thing which then gives a really nice texture. However for the scooter i wan’t a more flat red and so less water and layed the red to create the depth of colour i wanted. So yes you can have control 100% :slight_smile:

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i mean this when I say this, I don’t really know what I am doing. haven’t had any training. The best was I have learnt is to just keep painting different scenes and experimenting. I find the doing the best way to learn for me personally. Looking forward to seeing your art :slight_smile:

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Thanks for explaining the different processes for the different objects. I tried washes with obviously too little water the whole value ended up way too dark, so that’s another problem then: how to receive flat washes with less water that don’t end up darkish :melting_face: Well, I guess I need to paint much much more and do the course and practice some more until it looks presentable…

simple formula I think is, more water (Diluted colour) = lighter wash

Yes, but less control also :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But thats the joy of watercolour and why its called a wash… look at this one I did with the sky :slight_smile: The great thing is with watercolour when you don’t want to have much control over what the paint does then you can have less control, but also with watercolour you can control the paint as much as much as you like. But the joy is also allowing it to do its thing