Another try, said my title had already been used. Self-Portrait

- Finally , Self-Portrait. Was a class assignment in school. Done with pastels mostly (soft and semi-hard), pencils (colored and graphite). I really prefer to do things in a mixed medium. Sitting on vanity with paper taped to mirror.


The title rules are a bit weird, I find (at least 15 characters!). The fabric of your blouse is so beautifully sheer; and I love your hair! An appealing portrait.

Thank you so much. Oh gee, to be that age again. I think I submitted some others I have done. One of a businessman with glasses. This art course I took was an audit of the class and when test time came around I told the professor I wasn’t going for a grade so I did not have to take it. She was not very happy about it, but oh, well, I learned a lot from her. Community classes were fun, too. I am very happy to find this site and I think Matt is an excellent instructor. Like going back to art school.