Self Portrait graphite drawing

This is my self portrait I did with graphite pencils and also a white pencil for highlights. I used Strathmore Grey toned paper.


Snap! I am using the same in the portrait I am working on at the moment. I like the combination of the graphite and the white on the toned paper! Great portrait! :grinning:

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I love drawing portraits. My chosen medium is graphite at the moment. I like the use of the white and the tan toned paper. I think your self portrait is awesome. My only suggestion would be to increase or perhaps decrease the transition between your shading. It should be a smooth transition… not heavy… especially on the facial area

Hi Hanna,
What a wonderful self portrait! I really love this combination of media as well. It allows you to push the range of value while having excellent control over the textures as well. Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Thank you for your suggestion!

Very nice self portrait. I like the medium you used and the paper. I’m working up to doing the same (self-portrait). You have given me encouragement. Thank you.

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You give me hope! I am no good at portraits, but I shall take a course here eventually. I can see, by your good example, that the toned paper and white pencil is just what is needed to go with the graphite pencils. Thank you for sharing.