First Graphite portrait in progress

Have a friend at work who has seen some of my art work, and asked me to do his portrait. This is my first portrait. I’m only doing my first oil along with the current live lesson on the French Bulldog. Therefore, i told him I would give it a try but would use graphite, as that is my best media at this time. This is not finished, but would like any feedback. I have only begun to start shading, and see a few small details that i will fix. So far, I have only used 4H and 2H pencils, no blending yet. I plan on building up more value as I move on. Thanks for any suggestions.

Line drawing layout sketch.

Latest update with reference photo.


Nice! I appreciate you showing the process. Looks great so far,


Great start. Look forward to the finished one. Love it.

Still making progress. Lots more to do.