Graphite drawing

I am new to this forum. Not sure if I am uploading this correctly. Please let me know if you can view it. I only see a link.


This is very well done. Love it.

Beautiful bird. I love what you did with this. (Welcome aboard)


Thank you for your kind words. It is so helpful to belong to a positive and encouraging community of artists.

Very nicely done and yes, I can see the picture. Welcome to the forum and I look forward to seeing more of your artwork.


Hello @mjomaynard ! What a cool rooster! If you don’t mind me asking, what medium did you use? Welcome aboard! Jesus loves you!!!

Thank you. It is a graphite sketch.

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This is really nice. I especially like the texture of the comb. The eye is perfect too. Thanks for sharing!

Hello, after watching Getting Sketchy, where Matt drew an eye and watching another YouTube site on drawing a realistic eye, I thought it about time I gave it a go. So here’s my attempt - graphite and white charcoal on strathmore tones gray paper.

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Very nice! You captured the wetness of the eye so well!

@MeBJ , beautiful! The white charcoal really does the trick! Great job layering the mediums!

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I love graphite and white charcoal. You did an amazing job on this eye.

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I have finally started to get a bit of confidence in my drawing. I started trying to do a graphite portrait of my late dad nearly 10 years ago. I got stuck then as I wasn’t sure how to finish the clothing, or ensure that I had captured his innate kindness. So I started again, on grey-toned paper this time, with graphite and white charcoal. I think I still need to work on getting his hair done a bit better, but, overall, I’m really happy I’ve done this drawing and I feel happy enough that I can hang this in my lounge room.

Any feedback on the drawing would still be very much appreciated. It can still be improved :smiley: