Light Bulb with Graphite on grey paper

I’m so happy with how this drawing turned out! I actually found this one easier than some other graphite drawings. It must be due to the grey drawing paper! I hope you all enjoy it!


That’s amazing! You really captured its shape and those all-important values!

Looks perfect! The grey paper is a wonderful start when working, far easier to get it dark enough, just going lighter is difficult without white pastels or white ink/gel pen highlights. White charcoal also works well if there isn’t graphite in the area as that makes nothing stick. I like using colors on the grey, sometimes colored pencil details after pastel blocking.

Lovely, the texture of the paper also goes with it nicely! The roundness and reflections of the glass are definitely an amazing “highlight” of the piece(haha…pun) :clap:

That is beautiful. Yes, the toned paper really does help.

Fantastic job! No wonder you are pleased with the result. Takes for sharing.

This amazing! I’m looking forward to trying toned paper soon - you’ve inspired me.

EXCELLENT! Congrats… :wink: