Graphite Sketch - Hammer

I’m working my way through the 25 days to Better Drawing Course and did the hammer drawing. It took me an inordinate amount of time to get the contour drawing right and then shading was another process of patience. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out considering I’ve not done any serious drawing before😁. Any feedback and suggestions are very welcome


Looks great! I have problems getting proportions and angles right, especially in a hurry, I try to go too fast and get frustrated, but if I go slow and spend more careful time sketching before noticing I got something wrong at the beginning, I get more frustrated.

So, my goal is to chill out more before starting as once I have the contours and proportions figured out, I’m good from there.


Looks great! I especially like the metal parts which look like shiny metal. I found this particular course a great place to start my Virtual Instructor journey. Good luck!


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Very well done. Love it.

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Looks awesome! Love the wood texture as well as the metal shading as @Brenda pointed out. Plus, hammers are interesting to draw, so just amazing! :clap:

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Thank you Troy. I find that it’s also my challenge to get proportions and angles - even if I go slow :sweat_smile: but I guess I learn more if I practice more.

Thanks Brenda! I’m tickled that you found that the metal looks like metal — it took me some tries to figure out what kind of strokes would mimic that kind of material. Yes, this course is is helping me nail some basics down and I’m looking forward to progressing.

Thank you Denise! I really appreciate your encouragement. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! It was interesting to figure out how to convey textures through drawing :smiley:

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