25 days of better drawing

Hello together,

I’m doing this course right now and I’m really amazed at how quickly I’ve seen improvement. I’m now on day 11, drawing the skull was really a challenge. I had to draw it twice. The first time I followed the video, the second time I just used the reference.
With Procreate I drew in some shapes before I started, that’s the part I still have a hard time with, to see shapes. But see for yourself.
Thanks Matt for this great experience
Best regards from Germany


Looks so good. I am just starting Day 1 today :slight_smile:

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Looks like you really got the hang of it @ConnySiobhan !!! :clap:

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Looks great. Love the skull drawing.

This is my day one :frowning:


It’s a toothpaste tube, right, @Dannomiss89 !? The bent roll in the tube and the texture of the end and cap, AWESOME!!! Smudging also looks minimal, which is great when working with these types of mediums! Keep up the nice work! :smiley:


I don’t know why you are using a sad smiley, it’s a good work, you should be proud of it. I really like it and one can see what it is. And if that is your first day, then I really curious what you can draw in 25 days :wink::relaxed:


Very nicely done. Keep at it.