Meet Mr. Day 22 of 25 Days to Better Drawing

I started my first VI course in June (25 Days to Better Drawing) and am almost finished! I’m so thankful for how this course breaks drawing skills down so that I have some measure of success. Hey, speaking of measuring—it really helped me in getting proportions more accurate. I do think the eyes were the most challenging part. Meet “Mr. Day 22”!


Good job. Well done.

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Congratulations on your progress!

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Thank you! :blush: I hope to pick it up again soon.

I am going to do this, seems I need a good kick in the fanny to get back to how I would draw when I then gave it up for many reasons, none of them good.

Good to hear! I’d love to see your progress too!

Thanks kalpelm, Right at this moment I am so full of what seems like really ‘stupid’ questions. I have not been on this site for all that long and I do better when someone can post answers to my questions. This time change is really not what I want to go through every 6 months either.