Eye with graphite

My own eye with graphite, ink eyelashes, and jelly roll pen highlights. 3x3 on bristol smooth paper. I gave myself more/longer eyelashes :crazy_face:


wow - that’s really good. Did you look in a mirror to do?

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Thank you, for your nice comment. I just took my own picture with my phone.

Hello Sonia - I do love your artwork so much, and this is no exception.

Terri Robichon

You really made the eye look like it has a glossy and reflective surface. I love the white accents with the gelly roll pens.

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Thank you for your comment. I’m trying to sketch every day during my lunch break and any break I might have. It took me three lunch breaks to draw it.

Unbelievable. Looks like a photograph. Something like the art of Diego Fazio

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Thank you, you’re so kind.