My second realism drawing

So here’s my second attempt at a realism drawing.
Learned a lot again.
To criticize myself I would say I need to make it less forced, if that makes sense. I’m still not comfortable with this style and I stress quite a bit while drawing.
Hopefully I can shake that off so the drawing look more natural.
Also I’m still learning to draw eye lashes. It’s a weak spot…
This took me roughly 13 hours to draw with graphite and it’s on a 300gr A3 paper.
I’m open for comments and tips as always :slight_smile:


Wow! This is an amazing graphite drawing. Love it. Deb

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Thank you! Appreciate that! :slight_smile:

This is great. I love it.

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Thank you Denise! :slight_smile:

This is great! I’m drawn to the cornea, but the tear duct is what looks so lifelike. It looks almost like a photograph.


Thanks :slight_smile:
Yeah I was a little surprised of myself with this one.
Glad I finished it cuz halfway through I wasn’t that confident…
Had to erase a big part and start over as well

Great job! I, too, am not super comfortable with realism drawing so i feel you! One thing that might be adjusted is how wild the eyelashes are, if that makes sense. I think for the most part that eyelashes tend to fan out evenly and these look a little more tossed about. Hope thats helpful :sweat_smile:. Again great job! I love seeing your art!:blush:
Also. You achieved the texture of the skin so well!

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Thank you and yeah I know exactly what you mean. Eye lashes are still a thing for me… always get nervous at that point cuz they can ruin a drawing being them so dark. I’ll practice them tho.
Also never had to draw them so big (cuz it’s so close up) so that kinda threw me off as well.
Thanks again for the message and I’ll keep that in mind for next time!! :pray::pray::pray:

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WHOA :scream: This is amazing, and the reflection you’ve captured in the eye is stunning! :thinking: Tips? I may be wrong, but maybe the bottom lashes feel too “lighted” in comparison to the top ones?(or the top ones are too dark?) And the more you draw, particularly, the same subject, the more confident you’ll become with your lines. Awesome work! :clap: :smile: :star_struck:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:
I see what you mean. Never thought about that.
Iv been checking some eyes online to see what they do but offer I see the bottoms are lighter. Maybe mine is a little too much tho. I’m gonna keep that in mind for the next one. I really want to do this one again so I’ll improve on that part. (Eye lashes in general)
But at the moment I’m trying something new.
I wanna see if I can draw on cold press cotton with graphite. Portrait of Wednesday (from Netflix)
It so hard btw… and it eats my pencils cuz the roughness. Anyway, thanks for the tip!! I’ll keep that in mind next time! :pray::pray::pray:

Looks like a photograph, the tear duct and sclera are amazing! The only thing I’d criticize is the structure of the iris, the white lines are really white compared to the darkness of the background, where I can’t tell if they’re light blue eyes with the blue areas too dark, or dark areas with the white structure of the iris too bright. The rest, including lashes, are great as well, especially for such a big drawing!

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Thanks man, yeah drawing the iris this way was a first for me. Making the lines with an electric eraser was very shaky in the beginning. Once I started to get used to it I was done with the iris.
The whiteness of the lines aren’t that noticeable irl.
I took this picture the second I finished it and I was sitting on my bed in a low lit room. Maybe the phone made the white lines more obvious or (what I think) made the background a little darker than it is.
I really appreciate the advice and it’s something I’ll keep in mind with the next one :100: