The Cat's Eye in colored pencil

I introduced myself yesterday in the “Introduce Yourself Here” category and thought I would post a recent drawing done in Prismacolor pencils. Thank you for viewing and I welcome all suggestions for improvement.


This is great. Love it.

Thank you Denise for your kind words. This was my third time at using colored pencils and the first time using the scratch tool for the fur. At first, I didn’t think I would like the medium , but I’m liking colored pencils the more I use them.

I love your work. I have a lot of color pencil sets; but, have not used them in years. A few years ago I bought a set of Prismacolor Premier and I will be drawing/painting a picture with them. It might end up being a mixed medium because it seems like I using pastels a whole lot and using pencils for small areas I want to highlight. Oils being the next favorite medium.

What is a ‘scratch tool’? I think I might have a couple of them and did not know what they really are. I think I will see what they do in various mediums.

Your pictures are lovely and I know you are proud of them. I’ve only won about 4 ribbons in the past. Don’t have a way to get to the classes even if they had them, so being on this site is very special to me.


Thank you so much for your wonderful words regarding my work. Your words and what others have said are so encouraging and will keep me spurred on to keep learning from VI, Matt and everyone here to hone my skills to become better.

You referenced the “scratch tool” I mentioned, I’m not sure what it’s actually called, but I attached a picture of what I used. I started off with the Exacto on the top but the blade digs into the paper too easily and then I found the one on the bottom, which works much better and doesn’t dig into the paper as easily. It is from “

I haven’t worked a lot with the colored pencils, I think this was only the third drawing I did with that medium. At this point, my first love is still graphite. I didn’t like the colored pencils at first, then I followed along with Matt in one of his colored pencil classes and I’m finding I’m liking them the more I use them. Yes, I agree the instruction of VI and Matt are priceless. And, this group is wonderful, so many unique talents using various mediums, makes me want to try them all. But, I think, the best part is the encouragement and support that is shown to everyone here.

It looks like an Exacto knife with a soft handle or holder to make it easier to hold onto. I just outlined my next oil painting subject on the canvas I bought. 24" x 40". It is going to take some time; but, my vision of how I want it to look when I get finished. I hope I won’t get discouraged. Hope you are having a nice weekend.


Wow real nice !Betty

The difference in the knives are the blades, the Exacto has a metal blade and the Slice knife isn’t metal it’s a different type of material, not sure what it is, but it works much better at scraping off a layer of color without digging into the paper. The handle is still made of a hard plastic. Hope you had a great weekend and your next project turns out as you’re anticipating.

Thank you Max for the kind words.

I have a couple of tools that my Mother used in china painting. They look like they might have the same effect. I cannot wait to start my next project. Got canvas primed with gesso and have sketched the peacock out. Since the bird is blue and green I have not decided what color I will use for the background. I am planning on adding some gold to the paints since they are so shiny.


Colors sound yummy, especially with the gold. Can’t wait to see it when you’re done.

I was going to start it today, but my husband moved my tubes of paint and I have not been able to find them. I saw where he put all my brushes (???). I guess he might look for them. I told him that ‘he’ had to have moved them because I have not been in the studio since November. I guess he’ll do it sometime. He was painting the kitchen cabinet doors for me. I don’t pay much and he’d rather paint for someone who is willing to pay him.


I thought this was a photograph because it is so realistic. The texture of everything in it from the tabletop and the shadows and bright places on the pencil from the light source. I only want to get to your point, in time. I am not sure I have the patience,

If I understand your last post, I think you may have thought, I drew the two instruments on the table, but it is a photograph of the instruments I used to scratch in the effects of the fur on the cat. I’m only that good in my dreams, haha.

HAHAHAHA! I was about to wonder if I would ever get good in any medium. I thought you were planning on scratching the handle of one of those instruments, Some people on this site have posted things that are that realistic. I’ve got to find the gold paint I need to start my peacock. It’s been too cold for me to go outside to paint. I don’t even care to paint in my studio because I have to use a ‘space heater’ and then it gets so unbearably hot. The weather will be getting a lot more like Spring in a few weeks. But, we usually have at least one hard freeze before Easter. I don’t buy any plants until the pecans start budding out. That is a true sign that we won’t have any more cold days. You can’t mess with the things we are being taught to see and the lessons we learn when we do look around. Have a fabulous weekend.