Kingfisher with Colored Pencils

Hi guys. As I’m developing the forum, I’m testing all of the features. Here’s a colored pencil drawing of a bird that was created for a new course that is being developed. I’m posting it here to test the uploading features and the quality of the images. You’re welcome to comment, of course.


Looks great, Matt! The feathers are so real :slight_smile:


Wonderful Matt! I will be looking forward to that course:slightly_smiling_face:

I love it. I like to learn more, and I wish I could put more kinds of hyperrealistic drawings tutorials!


It’s amazing! Very similar to oil painting.

I loved your details and precise work in this painting. Truly amazing.

I love the way that you made his feathers puff out. It makes me want to put my hand out to see if he will step on it! I can’t wait to try the lesson!

I took advantage of this class and it was the first time I had EVER used colored pencils. I think I’m hooked. This was my result


Inspired by the first colored pencil drawing, I have been taking advantage of past lessons to complete the “Three Little Birds” paintings in colored pencils. Any critiques or comments to improve will be greatly appreciated



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