My first project

I’m excited about doing some colored drawings and birds have always been a go-to to draw. A friend took some pictures that I’m drawing. First I scanned them, then made B/W jpg’s to draw up a version to look at tones. My challenges were getting detail in a small drawing with graphite pencil (grid is 1"). I found that after I took the side by side picture I noticed some shading issues that needed to be fixed for shaping so that was helpful (things I missed in observation during the initial drawing…)

Paper is Bachmore 68lb smooth. Used Sanford Design drawing 3800 2B and 6B pencils and the Blackwing 602 (which Matt is right, it is sweet to draw with). I also used a blending stump in some areas since the shading was very subtle in B/W.
The grid overlay was added using MS Visio (a gift to myself when I retired in June 2022). The color photo with grid overlay is printed on std paper with a Canon MX920 which results in shading bands but it’s purpose is just to show where reference points are to get the initial sketch right…


Very nice! That Blackwing 602 does give a good dark area

Great job! Cant wait to see more!

Thanks wren07! I’m enjoying this :smiley:

Thank you, we’ll see how the colored pencil version comes together.

Wow - that is great! Smart using the grid, grids are very helpful.

Welcome @DaveK ! A very pretty piece, way to enter the community! :wink: Thank you for sharing! Jesus loves you!!!

Thanks @TheMustardSeedLife, nice username :smiley:. I’ve been a member of this site for a few months now and am starting to break through that fear threshold of creating art. It’s really satisfying putting pencil to paper and making images grow from nothing.

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Thanks @junenez , I’ve actually used the grid method for a long while, but have received comments at times from people who believe “pure” art should be Freeform. Personally, I think that’s pure baloney. I draw because I love to draw. I also want it to have the correct shape, the love is in shading to build form.

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Dave your absolutely right…some people get caught up in this idea that there is only one way to do art, this “purist” thing.
I say art is art and how a person gets there is their own journey to enjoy. Keep up the amazing work…its awesome!

Looks great! I’d call that a medium sized drawing, but I make small stuff so it looks better at a distance to hide my imeptitude. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha! I love your sense of humor.