Kingfisher (three little birds course)

I’m finally done with the little kingfisher. Many hours later,lol. Prismacolor pencils on Bristol smooth paper.


Leave it to me to forget to upload the picture, lol. Better late than never!

this is beautiful! There’s too many choices, but I think you’ve helped me decide on doing the 3 birds next.


Thanks Teresa! I learned a lot on this one. I didn’t do a carbon copy of Matt’s but I think that’s good. I’ll be starting on bird number 2 soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what polychromos pencils are like.
Please post a picture of your kingfisher when you are done!

You are not the first one to forget to upload the picture. I have done it many times.

Beautiful job on the kingfish. They are such lovely birds to render, and this course was a great one!


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This is great. Wonderful job. I love it.

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Just like @TeresaC said about it being beautiful and motivating me to do the three birds.
Your drawing is beautiful!

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Even the edges are so detailed! :star_struck: The extra little feathers! Great work! :smile: :clap:

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