Kingfisher Drawing

I drew this Kingfisher from a tutorial on Patreon. Used Prismacolor pencils and solvent to blend.


That is beautiful colored pencil work. And the blending is great. I wonder, though, if you forgot to work on the foot. The whole picture is very beautiful and realistic, but the foot looks like a cartoon. Sometimes, I will be working on a piece and think to myself that I have to work on that over there and then I will forget about it and not notice it for a while. Anyway, you obviously do good work. Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, I didn’t pay much attention to the foot. I was pretty happy with the rest though.

I also did the kingfisher, but my feathers aren’t as well defined as yours. Nice job. I like the base on which the bird is standing. I put mine on the log from Matt’s photo, but it didn’t turn out very well. I need to rework it, and then I’ll post it. Look for it, Logan!

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Ok, I’ll try to find it Candace. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the colors, nice job. I really like the feathering around the cheek and neck.

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Thank you, Lori! Do you post your artwork?

Excellent job. I believe you did well with the texture. I can sense the overall softness of the feathers

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It’s really good, the feathers are fantastic, zooming in I can see a bit of a foot and maybe show a bit more of a detailed foot.
Otherwise I really like it, well done :grin:

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