Angel of hope drawing

This is my drawing for this week. I added watercolor to my pencil drawing.


Hi Liz, very interesting angel. I’d like to be able to say, ‘this is my drawing for this week’. I’m waiting for my husband to pick up my subject, which I plan on painting in oils. Just ordered some pastels papers and looking forward to working with one of my favorite mediums.

Very nicely done. I love it

I can’t wait to see it!! Thanks for checking out my work.

Thank you Denise! I appreciate it

It might be a while. Will have a couple of pictures going at the same time. Will do a few pastels when they have to dry. Just bought my 2nd easel, so I should be able to do that. Got so many subjects I want to paint and/or draw.


Hi Liz, I love the effect of the watercolour, what paper did you use?

I used cold press illustration board. I love working on illustration board as you never have to worry about buckling.

This is very striking and unusual. Very beautiful The addition of the watercolour is lovely.

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Hi Margaret, haven’t seen any of your work lately. I’m in a dry spell. Lenora


Have not moved away from lessons yet, therefore nothing to post:(

I dream of being able to do my own ideas.

Lenora, what mediums do you favor? As a beginner(last year) I chose watercolor. I also work with Matt’s drawing lessons and have been thrilled beyond belief with the projects I have managed in the live lessons.

(You can tell when I do not own the tools for the live projects at hand because I spend a lot of time chatting!)

I am delighted to hear from you.
:slight_smile: m

Just wondering if you had gone back to Savannah, GA to look at hats again.

I actually need to try the 25 days to a better drawing and the other one. I have not done any of the courses, I think I thought I needed to ‘catch up’ and that is just not possible.

I hope to come up with ideas of my own, too.

When I started kindergarten, my favorite medium was Crayola crayons, but only new ones or the black crayon … only ones with a sharp point and with the wrappers on them. My mother would enjoy looking at my pictures and once asked why I colored in mostly black and that is what I told her. So she bought me a set and sent me to color with my own crayons.

My first private lessons were when I turned 7. The woman told my parents that she would ‘try’ to see how I did for a 2- or 3-hour session. I was in my ‘world’ and she continued to press me. I did watercolors but I think the proper name is ‘gouache’. When I started taking lessons the lady was surprised that I was really ‘into it’. My parents let me hang my pieces up in the back stairwell of our house. I could change them out or move them around. I had my ‘own’ museum.

When I was in HS, there really was not an ‘art’ class - only history. So I signed up for mechanical drawing and the school counselor and HomeEc teacher told me that it was an ‘all boys’ class and I would HAVE to take HomeEc. My Mother went down and told the principal (new that year) that she wanted me to take the class and asked why I could not take it. He put me into the class and I made straight “A’s” (actually A+'s). The boys would take turns looking over my shoulder and harassing me about being the teacher’s pet.

When I entered 8th grade my Mother found a teacher for me and he specialized in Crayola color crayons for portraits. I thought he hung the sun and moon. Queer as a $3 bill (Mama’s boy). There was one other in the class for 3 hours. We could watch him as long as we did not ask any questions about what he was doing. Amazing artist in Macon, GA. I did a lot of charcoal on newsprint paper. But mostly I did oils and pastels. At that time I would say that both were about #1. Now, I usually do mixed medium or oils or pastels, although I have just about any type of pencils, markers, and a cheap set of watercolors. I would ‘like’ to try my hand at watercolor, but, so far I have not done much of anything. I’m working on putting color into graphite drawings and so far I am a little gunshy about it. I have used colored pencils on one picture of a man with ‘some’ of the stations of Christ on it. I think I posted it under Stations or something to that effect.

For quite a long time I just cruised through looking at the pictures others had posted and on occasion would post my remarks. I had gotten very upset with another artist because of his ‘snide’ remarks and not-so-nice comments about Matt and his lessons using transferring. Pissed me off and I laid into him, which is what he must have wanted ‘someone’ to do. Neophos or something like that. So I looked up the name and this is what the dictionary shows:


1. a cloud, a large dense multitude, a throng
1. used to denote a great shapeless collection of vapour obscuring the heavens as opposed to a particular and definite masses of vapour with some form or shape
1. a cloud in the sky

In others ’ words’ just a lot of hot gas. After that, I looked him up and did not ‘think’ he was that great by the pictures he has posted (some oils). Now he is doing graphite drawings and I don’t think anyone except accomplished artists, like Matt, draws that detail without maybe transferring a picture or tracing. Just doesn’t strike me as someone I should be concerned about. He wrote me a very snide remark about ‘not writing me a private message’ (but I had printed it out) and accusing me of deleting his posts. Nobody except the person posting a comment can change posts, only the person making it. then it looked like he was stalking me because ‘any time’ I posted a comment, he also posted (generally with other ‘snide’ remarks about something). Very ‘full of himself’ … like I said, ‘hot air’ or ‘blowing it up somewhere’ Whenever someone ‘new’ joined I would welcome them and sort of let it be known that ‘not all online’ make kind remarks. I finally emailed Matt and told him about it and how I did not appreciate it one bit. Matt must have looked into it because it abruptly stopped. He posted that ‘if’ Matt banned me from the site he would get off himself. Yeah right! Sorry for the rant and rave. I just needed to tell someone about it. His real name is Daniel D’Aforno or something like that. If I want comments I will ask for them and usually, get good suggestions or remarks. I know that there is a lady by the name of Denise who comments on others’ works and she gives some good suggestions. I like her work, too. One other lady, cannot think of her name at the moment, but she does exquisite color pencils. Very, very detailed. She won a cover with a ‘flamingo’ and that excited me because I collect flamingos. I buy them whenever we go to the beach in St. Augustine or any other place in Florida. This last time was the ‘only’ time I did not buy one, but I saw one that I would have bought, but Louis had already purchased a flower pot painted like a Mexican tile. I wish I knew the name of the place, I would order it. But, sez le vie. It will probably not be there the next time we go. But we won’t be going back this summer and ‘definitely’ not on a ‘holiday’ weekend. UGH, expensive and crowded. I still have some to navigate the site, although I am getting a little better at it.

So what have you been doing? Just the art courses? Or what? I have not done much of anything except buy art supplies. I am going to have to stay off the Internet. I got an “H” style easel although it is still in the box outside. I am about to start painting a ‘flying peacock’. I have it drawn out on the canvas, just have not started it yet. Hope you are having good weather. It has been sunny most of the day with showers in the afternoon or evening.

Well, so much for the long email. Write soon and post pictures.

Lenora (lilnora) or ArtistLittleNora

Don’t be such a stranger.

Wow Lenora,

No way I can do justice to your newsy letter with my two -finger, error filled efforts!

I just peeked in on Ashley’s oil live and am envious - but I fear I will never make it to oils!

My life was spent studying music - from age 11 onwards I devoted my hours to my flute playing, straight through university to an orchestral position. Am in my senior years now, and my orchestra is gone, as it has folded due to financial constraints, but it has been a spiritually nourishing career.

The bizarre orchestral work hours seemed to preclude art lessons, so now I feel sooo lucky to live in a time where instruction is available online on my own time!

I have access to amazing opportunities for being creative with subjects - I live on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie (where are my water scenes, you ask???) My garden offers plenty of opportunity. I have fishing boats 100 yards from my door. I would dearly love to be able to work with snow as a subject - I’ll bet Matt does not tackle much snow as a subject LOL.

What a ridiculous experience you have had with that stalker. I have found everyone else to be positive.I have enjoyed finding Buddy in Germany as well - I am relating to the seniors! I am a terrible critic, so only add the occasional lame “well-done” when I do comment.

I have enjoyed your letter and I hope that you save the text of your letter to me. You are an interesting writer:)

You will have fun with the drawing courses. I was drawn (pun!) in by Matt’s free drawing lessons. So good. So much to do….

THANK_YOU for writing back!
:slight_smile: margaret


My ‘newsy’ letters/emails sometimes get me into a lot of trouble. But like they say, ‘A picture is worth a 1,000 words’. I guess that is the artist in me. Typing is something that is relaxing to me, so when I start I don’t know how to make it succinct.

I’ve been on this site for a year. What I did this first year, was looking around the site and wondered how to navigate it. For the most part, I am pretty comfortable with it. I just need to start with the “25 Days to a Better Drawing” and act like I have never had a pencil in my hand, and see where it takes me. Surely I am not too old to learn new things. Tricks.

I have found others to be great. Reading their posts and looking at the pictures they have posted. I know that I am not actually a beginner, but there are so many that draw so detailed it looks like the real thing. When I opened up a picture that was a tarantula, I also had a stroke. It looked like it could ‘jump off the page’. I really enjoyed it when they make a video showing how they are drawing or painting a subject. There are a few that do that. I would not know where to start.

So I will make it short here. My email address is If you care to share yours with me I might be even more entertaining. LOL!

I don’t know where I would look to find the letter. If you can tell me, then I will see what I said. I must have really been a 'Chatty Kathy. I do that sometimes … ok, I do that a lot of times.

Stay well and stay safe.

Lenora Andre