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Hi everyone im anum!i am from Pakistan…I have recently done my graduation…i love to do art…all my years to chose art as my field had always been chalenging to me as i have always underestimated my talent …but now i feel to listen to my heart and do what i really want to do…so here i am😊i hope to see the artistic side of me from this forum…thanks matt for providing us an oppurtunity to discover ourseleves .


Hi, Bonjour!
I have come back to drawing and watercolor a few years ago, when I accepted a teaching position in the Arctic. Winter daylight is brief and I do not have television, by choice. I spend almost every day after school, either sketching, or experimenting with watercolor. The landscape here is just awesome, so are the people, the culture. My hope is to draw, paint truthfully what I experience here.
I have never publicly shown my work, but I think it would help me move forward. I am glad to be part of this community.

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Hi I am new to this form I am Jim from Lordstown Ohio, I am a retired pastor and a retired school bus driver, I have always enjoyed doing some sketching over the years. Started to get more serious about it a little over a year an half. I just join in the Virtual instructor because I needed some help.


goodevening to all l introduce myself l call Joel Robinet l am retired finally ! l ll be able to draw l ve always wanted to learn how to draw l can not wait to start soon

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Hello, my name is Jeff and I am furthering my learning in art. I have taken a few courses prior, as well as have (and still are) going through some drawing books. But I like taking classes with an agenda. My passion is pencil and pen/ink drawing, particularly with Urban Sketching, but I don’t’ limit myself and am interested in all styles. I do have a question about the intended direction/path of learning at this site: is there a particular course I should start with? The Secrets to Drawing, 25 Days to Better Drawings, Pencil Drawing (The Guide to Graphite), etc? I still consider myself a beginner, so I would like to not skip any of the basics, but I can’t tell which one would be a good starting point.

Thank you!

Hello everyone! My name is Theresa. I am an absolute beginner to watercolor. I am excited about learning from Matt on the Virtual Instructor. I am excited about this new chapter in my life. Thanks kindly, Theresa


Hello Matt and community:

My name is Adelaide. A novice artist, I’ve been following Matt for a couple of years and am just now creating a forum account! I am also a piano teacher and have a class in about 2 minutes, literally. So, I look forward to what you all say.

See you in the sphere.
Adelaide :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everybody. My name is Cristiano, and I live in Italy. I’m here to improve my drawing technique and learn technique about pastels, ink, acrylic which are pretty new to me. I’m also interested in mixed media art and digital art as well.
So actually I’m interested in everything :smile:
Thank you. See you around here.


Hey Cristiano.

Hoping and praying things get better in Italy! God bless


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Hi Isabel,
sorry, I missed your reply.
Let’s hope things will get better in all the world soon.

Thank you.

Hello from Canada everyone!
I am going back to my sketch book and picking up my brushes after a 20 year hiatus. I chose science as my profession but I’ve always liked to draw and paint. No formal training of any kind. This is the first real course I am taking. Excited to be here and join the community!

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Hi I’m Vidhi O’Brian aka Forgetmenot73. Art is my passion that I never had the chance to pursue until recently when my daughter introduced me to a coloring app. I instantly fell in love with it but I wanted to draw not just color so I started drawing over random templates that the app offered. It’s been a year now and I’ve made progress leaps and bounds just by self-teaching. But finally I got the courage to tell my self to take lessons to learn the basics and enhance my understanding of different techniques and organic modes of art. And that brings me to TheVirtualInstructor app and to its community. :grin:

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Hello Everyone this is my very recent artwork on the digital app - a study of value and depth. I’m proud to say that I didn’t create multiple layers to draw despite the digital apps provide the option. I wanted to draw this piece as if I was drawing on paper!


Years ago I used to enjoy my art and made a point of learning for improvement. Career, kids, travel and commitments seemed to interfere (as it does for most of us), and now I’m semi-retired but recently found this Virtual Instructor course selection. Being able to test and experiment with different mediums has REALLY introduced me to new methods of creating art that is pleasing to myself. I am really looking forward to participating during the next year and in improving my skill. This is one of the first colored pencils I have ever done, and I love the medium. Thank you for such a great opportunity!


wow Jody that is gorgeous!

Its amazing that your first effort is so beautiful. that Tiger looks so close and accurate that it practically makes me weak in the knees just looking at it.


Thank you for such thoughtful feedback. I can’t wait to perfect this medium as I move along.

Hi There!
I loved painting and drawing for as long as I remember, but this is not my profession, so I try to find spare time every weekend to get back to it! Right now my favorite medium are oil pastels, and I’m super happy to see some very good oil pastel painting lessons here and looking forward to more!
So far I’ve painted couple of things form the lessons here and I was quite impressed how much I’ve learned :slight_smile: