Pug in his bed, done in pastels

I love when I get asked to draw pugs!


Gorgeous picture, pugs are such characters. Deb

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A real character, so good

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Looks so real with the details you use here. Did you do this with pastel pencils or soft and/or hard pastels?


Thank you, Lilnora. I used pastel pencils, and some Rembrandt soft pastels. My favorite combination.

Pastels are my favorite medium. My only problem is for a year I have not done anything. I’ve tried to do my 2 sons in pastels, but either I have too light of a hand, or too heavy. I get so frustrated with myself that I put my stuff away. I know I should go through the 25 Days to a Better Drawing. Before this last year, I had not done too much art at all. I think I need to have someone stay on my fanny and tell me "You can do it, it does not have to be ‘perfect’. UGH!!! Did you use a photograph to do this? You have so much detail


Yes, I did have a photo. I am never completely satisfied with a picture I’ve done. This one, I hate the forehead. So I am determined to do better with the next picture. The bed was a fun challenge. I love putting fluffy toys in with my pugs and it’s real fun when they look like toys and not the fur on my pug! The bed is fuzzy too. I have to not overthink the process and just start, sometimes on scrap paper and just play until I like what I see.

I watched Getting Sketchy last night and they talked about a picture going through it’s ugly stage and it’s sooooo true. I get so excited to start a new picture, but about the 2nd day, I want to roll it up and throw it away, it looks like garbage. My husband just rolls his eyes when I tell him I don’t like my picture. But…, I just keep going. Maybe take one of your pictures and just keep going on it. You have nothing to lose. If the picture in the end does not come out as it should, you still have gained experience in the materials and practice of using it. Or maybe you’ll get past this stage and really be surprised at the outcome.

Oh, I have thrown a LOT of my drawings away. I think I get discouraged because I don’t think I will ever get as good as I was 55 years ago. I took private art lessons from a man who did portraits exclusively and used Crayola color crayons. After our classes, we could sit and watch him so long as we did not ask too many questions about the technique. If we did a question or make a comment about ‘how’ he did it he would get up and go ‘check on his Mama’. I love the classes and the way Matt teaches (and Ashley, too) because they teach the way I learned in my private lessons. I know when I get to work through the 25 Days of Better Drawings I might be able to learn to go slow and not tear up just about everything I am doing. I have tried doing my sons when they were little, but doing it in colored pencil or pastel pencils I just can’t get the hang of taking my time.

Art school burned me totally out. I had gotten to a point that I just put my supplies away and my husband found them and asked why I was not using them. UGH! When he said it would be a good way for me to supplement our income, I thought, 'well, I will just put them away (again). I just hated that he thought I could paint and paint and paint. It is something I do at my leisure for my pleasure but I have not but just cannot gt into the mood for some reason.