Pug in Pastels and colored pencils

This is one of my friend’s pugs. We are swapping, she’s making me outside cushions and I drew this for her. I used colored pencils on the leaves and grass, everything else is pastel. On Pastelmat, I think it was buttercup.


SO CUTE @Lori51 !!! The difference in texture from the fur to the plush to the ground, stunning!

What amazing work, I hope to be this good some day😊

Just gorgeous. You’ve captured the Pug’s face and fur really well. Love the composition.

Great drawing! I have a pug so I know you have captured the features and the expression. Thanks for sharing this.

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Thank you so much for your nice comments. Love texture to draw and who knew drawing mulch could be so much fun! Since I’ve had pugs for the last 26 years and love them so much, they are my favorite subject to draw. It doesn’t hurt either that when someone asks me to draw their pug and their reference picture is not quite great, I can go discover on my real pugs what I am supposed to be seeing. I have one named Rachael and she’s so tolerant of me positioning her legs this way and that. This was a very nice photo reference. I do think that makes a difference in picture out come. I had a lot of fun with this picture. Thank you for liking it.


This is really nice! What size is it? I did my first attempt at pastel, but it was too small to have detail like this. I hope to take on painting and pastels. So grateful to see items like this that make me challenge myself to keep going.

Hi Ken,

Thank you. The picture is right around 13” x 18”. When I started my very first pastel, I thought I would never do another. I didn’t even want to finish the picture I was working on. But I hate giving up on a picture and by the time I was finished I was a little more open to them. Watching videos on youtube and Matt’s lessons I just loved what everyone was accomplishing with pastels and so I decided to learn. That was 4 years ago and I now love them. I still love colored pencils too, so makes me happy when I can sneak some of them into my drawings.

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I keep telling myself to be patient. Try new things and see how I like it. Having all of the resources here have been so helpful.

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So very cute with the little bunny, beautifully done! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi Lori! Congratulations on having your Pug painting critiqued by Matt. I love the expression on the dog and the meticulous work you did on the mulch.
Thanks for sharing this.

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Thank you Patricia,

It did take awhile, but I love getting lost in my picture.

Congratulations on your critique too!

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