Pugs in Assorted Pastels

This was done for someone I know. I am kind of happy with it.


You should be happy with it. It is done well. I love it. It is adorable too. I am sure the person you did it for is happy with it too.

Thank you Denise. I am told he was such a sweet dog and he adored puppies.

Oh it’s absolutely gorgeous Lori!!! I had two pugs…I had one for 15 years, one for 19 years…yours are so realistic, beautiful! :slight_smile:

Thank you Rain. I love hearing that you had pugs. I once had someone tell me their pug lived to be 22. I’ve had pugs for 24 years. Can’t i imagine life without them.

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It’s tough…every time I see one, I shed some tears…but this time around I went the shelter route and adopted an older hound dog, an old husky mix and a young husky. One day I will have pugs again!! They are the sweetest dogs! :slight_smile:

Lori, your work is so good! Thanks for posting. It’s inspiring to watch.

Thank you Jack, your nice comment means a lot!

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