Pug puppy in pastels

I’ve been raising and showing pugs for over 20 years, so they end up as my favorite subject. Assorted pastels on pastelmat.


This is so adorable. You did a great job.

Thank you very much.

This is fantastic Lori!

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Thank you very much. This means a lot!

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Great job, Lori! My mom used to have a pug, he was so adorable. :slightly_smiling_face::dog:

Thank you Logan. I don’t think I will ever be without one! They melt my heart every day!

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So sweet! I love that eye. :dog:

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So cute! And very well done!

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Very nice and I would think a rewarding profession!

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This picture draws me in. I can feel myself investigating the world around that cute little pup!


This is sooo cute. Very lovely painting.

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Very nice! I love the way that he is playfully smelling the flower! :sunflower:

Thank you Christine, much appreciated.

Great work!! I am just about to receive my first set of pan pastels from Dick Blick and can’t wait to get started learning how to use them!!

Hi Virginia,

Thank you!

I love using pan pastels, especially as an underpainting. I do find if you want to do detail with pencils over the top, it’s better to put them on lightly. Can’t wait to see your results from using them.