Another pug in pastels

A friend of mine took a picture of her old man pug getting ready to watch some football! I saw this and had to draw it. She gave me permission and here he is! I used pastels on Pastelmat.


Hi Lori!

Another fantastic image! What great control over the medium. Excellent composition and color scheme! This is absolutely wonderful and hilarious as well. The Patriots are my least favorite team and this image somehow makes me like them a little more. :wink:


Thank you so much. I appreciate the comments.

As to not liking the Patriots, I am sure he wouldn’t hold it against you! Lol.

LOL! I love it. It looks like he is saying, “Can you make this snappy? The game is about to start!” Good job. I love these pugs.

Thank you, Ginny. I believe that is exactly what he’s saying, lol.

What a great pastel! You really have great control over that medium. Love the dog’s expression.

Thank you. Your comments are much appreciated. Now if I could only control the mess I make while using the pastels!

Great work with the pastel. Adorable too.

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:+1: for all the previous comments. Adorable little dog. I can see why you wanted to paint him. Beautiful work, great detail.

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