Another pastel Pug and her baby

Loved working on this. Such sweetness. Pastels on pastelmat.


This is so very sweet. Black dogs are a real challenge to photograph and draw! You’ve done a nice job with the values in this piece. And that puppy is too cute for words. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do you like the pastelmat paper?

Hi Brenda,
Thank you. Yes I love Pastelmat paper. After using it, I don’t want to use anything else. I use lots of layers and it takes them. I seriously believe this is an instance where you truly get what you pay for.

Thanks for your response. I am going to order some of the pastelmat paper and try the pastel course next I think! Any suggestions on color of paper? I notice it comes in several different pads of 4 colors. Or do you prefer buying the individual sheets? Thanks again! I haven’t used my pastels in ages, but this paper may make me pick them up again.

I use Buttercup or Maize. I buy it by the sheet. I get it at Dick Blick. It comes in different sizes. I like the 19 1/2” x 27 1/2”. I probably waste paper, but I like doing a bigger pastel and cropping it as I go. I think I would recommend getting a pad of assorted paper to see what colors you may like. I can’t wait to hear what you think and to see your pastel work.

I’ll order a couple of pads to check out the colors. I usually get my supplies from Texas Art Supply in Houston, but I can’t find the pastelmat paper on their site. Blick is my backup art supply resource. I usually try to order enough to get free shipping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Of course, the pads cost enough that two of them will probably do it. I’m excited to try the paper out. Thanks for all your help, Lori.

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I simply love this because of the Pugs! This a beautiful pastel. I love the details you have captured on their faces. Very sweet. :blush:

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I agree with @Brenda! This is not easy to achieve, and I can feel the fur! So adorable!

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This is beautiful. The detail overall is fantastic (the fur and the nose in particular). Very impressive! Thank you for sharing.
P.S. - Thanks everyone for the paper discussion too, I have been looking for something different than the Strathmore I have. I’ll give the pastelmat a try.

Thank you. I hope you let us know if you like the pastelmat.

This is gorgeous! I can feel the love. The shine on the fur and the muzzled on the mom are amazing. I agree with you. Good paper (whether Pastelmat or a sanded one like Fisher or Uart) make a world of difference. I recently started doing more pastel work and love it. But I only started loving it once I switched from Canson Mi-Teintes (I don’t like the waffling) to Uart 400 and 600. I will soon try Pastelmat but I might be shooting myself in the foot. It is rather expensive and I have a limited budget. But if it is as good as everyone says, I may have to break the bank :laughing: :laughing:

Lol, Patricia, you just may.

Brenda or Ken, did either of you get the Pastelmat? How did you like it?

Hi Lori! I did order a pad of Pastelmat, and I love it! It works wonderfully well with the Pan Pastels especially! I’ve ordered a second pad with the same colors, because they seem to be fairly compatible with anything I might choose to do – Buttercup, Maize, Light Grey, and Dark Grey. I ordered from the Blick website. Texas Art in Houston only had another brand of this type of paper and only “sample” sizes. I got a package of those, but I’ve yet to try them. They are by UART, premium sanded pastel paper in the “sand” color. This pack has "7 sheets, 7 grades of texture. The sheets are about 7.5 x 12 inches. I’ll be testing them out over time.

Happy New Year!!!

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Amazing detail in the fur for pastels! Looks colored pencil was used with all the fine detail included, I guess I need to try that pastel mat paper/film as everybody that does loves it.

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The paper is really expensive, in my opinion, but worth every penny. :slight_smile:


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I did get Pastelmat and really like it. I was amazed at how much build up it was able to take and how nicely blending worked on it. I posted a couple of items on here that I did on pastelmat. Worth the money and time to get it (it took a couple of weeks to receive it where I’m at).


I have now tried Pastelmat. WOW! I understand why so many people love it. I am partial to UART and PREMIER, but Pastelmat is definitely in a class of its own.