Basset in pastels

I had a really fun time with this picture. Fun colors in this one.


LOVE! That doggie’s expression is exactly spot on for a basset! Great choice for a background color. Well done!

Wow, Lori! That’s phenomenal! The texture of the fur is amazing. It’s so photorealistic. Well-done!


Awww, is that amazing or what?! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for the comments. I appreciate them very much.

Hi Lori -
WOW!!! this is great. The hair texture, eyes, colors and values are all well done. This dog has personality. Tell me more about it. What size is it, media used?

You should send this into Matt for the Members Minute.

Terri Robichon

Hi Terri,

Thank you. I believe the size ended up close to 16 x 20. I used pastelmat. I just really like working on this paper. I used pastel pencils on the dog, with white Prismacolor nu pastel to brighten areas. On the background I used pan pastels and soft pastels. I tend to use whatever I have that works best in the moment, my table is usually a disaster while I’m drawing.

Thank you for the suggestion of the critique, but I just sent another dog picture a few weeks ago. I am though, working on a graphite picture of a baby, I may send that in. It’s different medium/subject. So I will really love to hear his suggestions.


Hi Lori - WOW, that’s a big drawing. I really like PastelMat paper too.

I went back to see which drawing Matt critiqued. I loved that one too. By the way, that was 10 or 11 weeks ago so I wouldn’t let that hold you back from submitting again. In the past I have found that waiting 2 months before submitting again is long enough between submissions. At that point it just depends on what other submissions he has gotten and if the artwork gives him something that provides a teaching opportunity.

Thanks for sharing. You’re an inspiration.

Terri Robichon

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Wow! It looks as though you can reach right in an pet those silky ears!! Love how you varied the background color. Most of us don’t pay nearly enough attention to backgrounds.

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