17 yr old dog “Teddy” beggining drawing in soft pastels

Here’s a portrait of an elder pet that I love. It’s in the early stages. Just wanted to share the progress. Also drew another graphite eye :eye:. The eye is on bristol vellum with lumograph black graphite ( the not shiny kind). I think the vellum makes the graphite a little harder to blend than the smooth paper.
With the dog I’m using carbothello, pitt pastels, cretacolor, and I got a small set of Caran d’ache pastel pencils. They are vibrant in colors, however, I found that they are scratchy. They seem to be grainy at some random points which can scratch the pastelmat some. I sanded the scratchy bits off every time I used a pencil but it is wasteful, especially considering the price. I think in the future I’ll just get a replacement open stock pencil at a time if ever need one.


Hi Sonia @Meme5 I’ve gotta say your skill level is soaring to great heights. These drawings are both most impressive. It’s so fun to see what you’ve done.

Terri Robichon

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Sonia @Meme5 , I fully agree with Terri. These are great.


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Beautiful! The fur is so well done.


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Wow! both of these are great. Love them.

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Love the dog! But that eye is wonderful. The “wet” parts are perfect.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you all for your nice kind feedback. I’m still working on the dog. Made some progress but it will be a small segments of time process.


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