First “commission “ ever!

Here’s Coco the Chihuahua. My son’s friend asked me to draw it in graphite. I was hoping she wanted soft pastels, I kept asking her “graphite or SOFT PASTELS??!” She kept saying “graphite” haha
A “free” commission lol
On 9x12 bristol vellum paper with faber-castell Matte pencils and white Prismacolor pastel stick to make lighter areas seem lighter. Also graphite powder for softening background and focus more on the dog…


Sonia - that turned out great. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.

Terri Robichon

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Thank you :blush: It turned out better than I expected. It is hard to do a drawing without a tutorial to follow, even though beforehand I watched one of Matt’s video for a white dog in graphite. I love a good challenge especially with learning values.

Love all those satiny highlights. It looks like you could reach in and pet her. She actually looks more lively in your drawing than in the photo. Great job.

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Thank you! I really hope the owner likes it as much as I enjoyed drawing her! I still have to mail it.

That’s awesome! Congratulations! Make her pay you a penny; then, it will be your first PAID commission! Nothing wrong with starting small! ( I used to write history articles and I got like 50 cents for the first one—but I was still happy!)


If she doesn’t like a free wonderful drawing or her dog, she is a philistine or just an ingreat.


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LOL i was really happy to do it… she’s seen pictures and I hear she loves it :smile:

Good idea! It would be nice to receive a penny payment and draw it, then frame then together! That’s exactly what ill do!

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Wow! Great job. You captured that doggy perfectly