My first commission

Hey guys.
truth be told, I’m NOT here much nowdays, still Drawing ALOT but I’ve been recently working on portraits- mainly and I’ve been spending my very limited media time on Patreon following a few brill guys.

but anyways…

I’m Back because I got a Commission! woot. but WOW

I’m not sure I’m ready for it; but I’m ready to show my effort Back to the client about a week or so after I got the job.

this was the photo:

and this is my drawing!

so a little bit of excitement, but also some downright anxiety. am I ready for commissions!? idk. but I sense that it makes me more serious then ever about my drawings.

PS, I’d say that drawing FUR and a DOG is hard-- but- this seems very obvious to me.

if only people wanted pencil drawings of boxes or something? ha!

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