Inspired by Tami's raccoon

I was so inspired by the fantastic raccoon Tami Bannister had Matt critique that I wanted to try for something as realistic. I am happy with this otter my wife asked me to do. I am still hoping to get the realism Tami did. If you have not seen hers, look at the critique. This was done on 9x12 Strathmore 400 paper (haven’t gotten PastelMat yet) using soft pastel sticks and Stabilo soft pastel pencils. The original photo I found on Pixabay. This is my 3rd pastel and I’m really enjoying them.


So adorable! I love all the lines detailing the otter’s fur and whiskers! Awesome work!

Thank you! Learning a lot on VI and really enjoying seeing improvements.

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You did a great job. I love it.

Thank you Denise. I am happy with the final result. Now to work with pastelmat paper that many have suggested.

Ken. This is really well done. And, having done this on Strathmore 400 shows how much care and work you put into it. I use UART sanded paper (400 and 600) and it makes a world of difference. I am told that Pastelmat is fantastic, but I haven’t used it yet.

Thank you Patricia! I tried to make sure to build up more layers, especially since I got in a hurry to start and worked on the side with more tooth. My wife was very happy with it, which was my goal. I have ordered the pastelmat paper and should get it in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing the difference.