Tiger in pastels

I am having so much fun with these pastels.


i just keep looking at this and wondering ,how did you do this with pastels? The shadows off the peebles and the fur on the tiger ,well done.

Thank you. Pastel pencils! Although, I used Rembrandt soft pastels to make the pebbles, I used pencils for the shadows. It’s really a very fun medium to use!

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Fantastic Lori! Love it.

I love your tiger! I too am enjoying drawing wild animals at the moment with prismacolor pencils. You have really captured this majestic tiger’s inquisitive look. Well done.

Thank you! Your comment means a lot.

Thank you. I really love Prismacolor colored pencils. I think they are my favorite.

I can see it in your work. It is just lovely. Enjoy!

Thank you Denise…

Beautiful tiger and fur details are well rendered.

Thank you, I appreciate your comment.

This is amazing! I would never have guessed you did this with pastels. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Aren’t pastels great! Didn’t like them when I first started with them, but was seeing great artwork online that were pastels. So I kept at it. I love them now. I still have a long way to go to be where the artists are that do the artwork I saw, but even if I never get there, I am having fun trying!

This painting is incredible. I love the detailing in the painting.

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This is so nice! Great job! Your combo of mediums couldn’t be better. When I first look at this, I thought it was a photo. You captured the softness of the fur so well. Patience is showing through. Well done!

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Beautiful. I really like the lighting on the tiger. Well done.

Thank you so much, Brenda.

Wow great work, I just saw this and thinking what amazing job you did with pastels. such details, the shadows just right, it looks like it is just getting ready for the sun to set or rise. the eyes were the first thing that caught my attention. It is simply amazing. Great job.

Thank you Jim, your comments mean a lot.

I love the detail. Such a striking image and superbly done!